Frequently Asked Questions

Before Donating

  1. Where can I see what prints are available?

    You can browse my library here.

  2. Are the prints watermarked, as in the web versions?

    Absolutely not, no.

  3. How many prints do I receive with my contribution?

    You'll receive (1) 16x20" print with every $65 contribution, (1) 24x30" print with every $100 contribution and (1) 32x40" print with every $500 contribution.

  4. Are there additional shipping charges for my complimentary print(s)?

    Absolutely not. :)

  5. Can I order smaller/larger sizes than 16x20", 24x30", 32x40"?

    Not at the moment, no.

  6. Do you accept contributions from outside North America?

    Not at the moment due to the high price of shipping internationally, however I hope to revisit this in the near future.

During Donation

  1. How do I tell you what print(s) I'd like to receive with my contribution?

    Please include a link to/brief description of the artwork in the space provided on the product page.


  1. How long until I receive my artwork?

    Your artwork typically completes production within 3-5 business days for prints and 5-10 for canvases. Following that, you'll receive an email shortly thereafter indicating that your order has shipped (including all relevant tracking information).

  2. How long does shipping take?

    While this varies based on location - your order is being shipped from my studio in Canada - standard ship times are anywhere between 3-7 business days. Each order features tracking via UPS (Canada Post for Canadian addresses) so that you can follow along with the progress of your shipment.