Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I tell you what print I'd like to receive with my contribution?
    Please include a description or link to the piece in the "Special Instructions to Seller" segment during checkout. Should that information not be included in checkout, I'll reach out shortly thereafter via the email account submitted to confirm the print you'd like to receive.

  2. Can I pick any print to be shipped free with my contribution?
    Yes, however while the vast majority of the archive is available, select prints occasionally may not be due to licensing restrictions. Should that be the case, I'll notify you shortly after submission and you'll have the option to either select another print or receive a full refund.

  3. Before making a contribution, can I contact you to see if a print is available for the free shipment?
    Of course. Please do so via my website's contact form or Twitter/Instagram.

  4. Will I receive multiple free prints if I make multiple contributions?
    Yes. Each contribution - whether at the 8x10" or 16x20" pledge - includes a complimentary print shipped your way.

  5. Are there additional shipping charges for my complimentary print(s)?
    Absolutely not. :)

  6. Do you accept contributions from outside North America?
    Not at the moment, due to the high price of shipping the complimentary print(s) included, however I hope to revisit this in the near future.